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Digital Solutions

» Technoriya provides integrated hardware/software solutions are for digital entertainment revolution, delivering exceptional performance with minimal energy utilise.
» Client expect unfettered access to the services they YouTube, Picasa—in a lightning-fast, crystal-clear, and user-friendly package.
» We provides all digital products from leading companies. We serve installation maintains services.
» An Optical Fibre Communication system is a flexible thin flexible thin filament of silica glass that can accept electrical signals as input, convert them into optical signals, carry them over OFC & re-convert them into electrical signals after reaching its destination.
» OFC basically made up Core & Cladding, having two types Single Mode & Multi Mode.
» OFC have a number of Cores, generally One core is used for Transmission(Tx) & another is for Reception(Rx).
» OFC have wide variety like ST, SC, LC & MT-RJ.