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    The Smart IoT platform

    To speed up your time-to-market.

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    4G LTE & Telecome Software & Repeaters

    Mass-market quad core 5 mode

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    Smart energy solutions

    Trunky based solutions

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    Managed e-Governance

    Connect Smart Way with Unbelievable Speed

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    Super Fastest Network Communication

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End-to-end IoT Platform

The Smart IoT platform brings hardware modules and cloud services together with an ecosystem of tools and partners to speed up your time-to-market.

Product Lookup


» Technoriya eTechnologies Pvt. Ltd. (ISO 9001:2008 Certified) covers the global technology, services & applications ecosystem for next-generation IOT cloud based echo systems for upcoming trunky based into in implementation. It helps M to M communication, enterprise communication with analytics. The Technological program will focus on the key eTechnologies & global operator business strategies shaping 4G network deployment.
» Obstacles & opportunities that operators must address to efficiently deploy & operate 4G networks, manage the cost of unbridled traffic growth, develop compelling mobile broadband services, capture revenues & generate a return on their 4G infrastructure investments.
» Company provides telecom software & RF/optical repeaters with ICS solution


  • » How can operators deploy their 4G network infrastructure with Customer Experience Management solutions to enhance network performance add & unique value with business models that properly monetize OTT services, applications & content?
  • » How can operators, technologists, device vendors, OTT service providers, regulators & other stakeholders agree on a strategy to keep pace with the endless appetite for mobile broadband, 1000X traffic growth & provide universal coverage of true 4G @ 100 Mbps, all IP & fully mobile?
  • » We recognized the needs of our customers and responded accordingly, creating a division of our company devoted to helping people and businesses save money while also reducing their carbon footprint.


» We cares about the earth, the people on it, and strives to sustain both by providing alternative energy solutions. We will strive to help people save money by offering energy efficiency services and custom solar installations. These services will reduce energy bills and leave a carbon footprint smaller than we found it.


» Optimise secure business process with best ROI
» Offering sustainable and alternative energy products