Regulatory Compliance for FinTechs, NBFCs

Embark on a journey of growth and crediability with our specialized regulatory compliance solutions, tailored to elevate FinTechs & NBCs to new height of acheivement.
Fortified Security: Rest easy knowing your sesitive financial data is protected by advanced security measures, ensuring compliance & trust. Global reach: Expand your horizons globally while staying compliant with region-specific regulations. Our solutions empower you to seize international opportunities.
Regulation Mastery: Stay ahead of regulatory changes effortlessly. Let our expertise guide yoour operations seamlessly within the bounds of compliance. Proactive Monitoring: Our real-time monitoring tools empower you to anticipate and address compliance challenges before they become issues.
Efficiency Enhanced: Stramline compliance processes & redirect your focus towards innovation & expansion, thanks to optimized procedures. Data Integrity Ensured: Uphold the highest standards of data protection, builduing and maintaining customer trust through uncompromising integrity.

RBI Master Direction on for IT-NBFC

Begin your journey to regulatory excellence with our specialised solutions designed to take your organisation through the RBI's IT-NBC Master Directions.

Robust Security Framework: Rest assured that your financial data is fortified by cutting-edge security protocols, ensuring strict compliance & unwavering trust.

Mastery of RBI's Guidlines: Simplify your adherence to RBI's IT-NBC Master Directions with our expert guidance, navigating the complex landscape with confidence.

Enhanced Operational Efficiency: Streamline your compliance processes, freeing resources to focus on innovation & stategic growth initiatives.

Compliance as a Service - RBI Master Direction

The focus of the framework is given to IT Governance, IT Policy, Information & Cyhber Security, IT Operations, Information System Audit, Business continuity Planning and IT Services Outsourcing.
IT Policy and Strategy documents (by covering IT Governance, IT Operations domain)
Formation of Information Security Streering Commitee(ISSC)

Formation of IT Strategy Committe(ITSC)

Prepare Essential Documentations & Conduct ISSC and ITSC Meetings as per RBI Master Direction for IT-NBFC
Ensuring Essential Documentation and Minutes of the Meetings of ISSC and ITSC Meetings

CERT-IN Guidelines on Cyber Security

Also required to furnish any type of information asked for, by CERT-IN within stipulated time, failure to provide details could result to punitive action under any applicable laws
Review critical assets of your organization and status of integration with SOC
Verify that logs required to detect security incidents as per CERT-IN directions
Ensure that critical logs are enabled on your assets and is integrated with SOC
Review additional monitoring requirements such as Mobile Risks, if applicable
Nominate a person to interact with Cert-IN who understands requirements

SEBI Compliance Audit For Stock Brokers

Having many years of experience in Information Security Governance Management & regulatory compliance, have a complete aproach to assess cyber security requirements.
Information Security Structure & Documentation
Assess the current status of control, policy and control implementation & map against SEBI requirement
Audit the effectivness of controls & documentation
Evaluate the current implementation of policy & controls as against the regulatory requirements.
Remediation of Gaps Identified

Cyber Security Audit

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Audit Services
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